April 14, 2015

16 Ukrainian “YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS” want to develop Norwegian-Ukrainian business

For three weeks, 16 Ukrainian young business talents learn about business operations – including in Bodo. The Ukrainians are chosen from among 100 applicants who wanted to participate in the NUCC-organized program “Young Entrepreneurs – Norwegian-Ukrainian Business Development”.

Within three weeks, the youngsters will get compact training in business management. Half of the time in Ukraine and the other half in Norway, including four days in Bodo.

– The aim is to provide students with as much knowledge as possible about business development, and also about transparency, good corporate governance and democracy, says Project Manager Arnfinn Nordbø at the Norwegian-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce, who is responsible for the program.

Bodo Business School at the University of Nordland is responsible for four days filled with practical knowledge of entrepreneurship and business development. Associate Erlend Bullvåg fills his day with the development of a “business case”, where participants under supervision, alone and in groups, develop a possible product from idea to launch. The best ideas will be found through a secret voting within the group.

– We hope the YE-program can contribute to economic and democratic development in Ukraine, says NUCC Project Manager Arnfinn Nordbø. The “Young Entrepreneurs” program is organized by NUCC, with the University of Nordland and Kyiv School of Economics as program partners. The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is funding the program.

“Young Entrepreneurs” is conducted for the first time this year. It will be organized again next year, and it will also be possible for Norwegians to participate. The University of Nordland has collaborated with universities in Ukraine since 2003 and is one of the main partners for the Norwegian-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce.

Interested in participating next year? Read more here: www.nucc.no/ye

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