Today, Norway is a large exporter of seafood products to Ukraine while several Norwegian ICT companies have outsourced their activities to Ukraine. Other industries, such as agriculture, energy, shipbuilding and tourism, represent other business opportunities between Norway and Ukraine. In light of the ongoing changes in Ukraine, there are reasons to believe that more business will arise the years to come.


The Norwegian-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce (NUCC), a non-profit and nongovernmental member organization, encourages commercial relations, trade, vestments between the two countries. Established in 2008, NUCC works for the interests of its almost 80 members (as of May 2016) without any commercial incentives. We have good contacts among businesses and authorities in Norway and Ukraine and work closely with both the Ukrainian Embassy in Oslo and the Norwegian Embassy in Kyiv. The administration is based in Oslo with adviser in Kyiv.


In order to increase awareness of the importance of transparency, business ethics and Good Corporate Governance among young managers and students, NUCC runs a business-oriented project, Young Entrepreneurs. The programme enhances the skill among Norwegians and Ukrainians about the business culture and rises new business opportunities.


NUCC can also assist your company to find a trustworthy Norwegian business partner. By registering your company on our home page, you can get in contact with potential and relevant Norwegian business partners.


Please do not hesitate to contact us to assisting you in identifying new businesses with Norway.



Laxmi Akkaraju

Chairperson NUCC