September 25, 2019

Business trip for Norwegian clothing brands to Ukraine

This year NUCC organised a production business trip for Norwegian clothing brands to Ukraine for the first time. During the trip our team together with 10 Norwegian delegates working in the textile industry met with representatives of the local Ukrainian factories and the associations working within textile and apparel, as well as participated in B2B meetings and Norwegian Networking Forum in Kyiv.

The Ukrainian textile industry is steadily improving, but the Norwegian brands are lacking information about the possibilities within clothing production in Ukraine. This is something NUCC is currently working on: mapping the textile production in Ukraine and adapting it to the needs of the Norwegian brands or producers. We believe that not only skilled labor or lower production costs, but also Ukraine’s neighborship with the EU market and new opportunities within cumulation can increase the attractiveness of the Ukrainian textile market and contribute to the Norwegian-Ukrainian cooperation within the textile industry, and therefore increased direct trade of goods and services between our two countries.

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