Mandate for the Compliance

The Board of the Norwegian Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce (NUCC) approved the «Governing Principles for the Norwegian Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce (NUCC)» in the Board meeting of February 25th 2016 and by that to establish a Compliance Committee. In the Board meeting of April 13th 2016 the following Mandate and Composition for the Compliance Committee was approved : The Compliance Committee shall on behalf of the Board, overlook and secure that NUCC operates according to our internal rules and regulations and are in compliance with laws and regulations.

The Chairperson of the Compliance Committee shall also serve as the NUCC Compliance Officer with the responsibility to handle Compliance issues that may arise and to inform and initiate the Compliance Committee ́s evaluation of the issue. The name and contact details of the Compliance Officer shall be published and be available to all members and partners.

The Compliance Committee will have 3 members appointed by the Board. The Board also appoints the Chairperson of the Compliance Committee.

The Compliance Committee is appointed by the Board with mandate to functioning one year.

The Compliance Committee reaches quorum with at least two members present.

The Compliance Committee is convened after initiative of one of the members of the committee.

The Compliance Committee shall overlook and evaluate the NUCC frameworks, rules and regulations
and can at any time initiate possible updates for approval in the Board.

The Compliance Committee shall report to the Board on its decisions and give their overall
evaluation of NUCC risks and compliance once per year.

The Administration shall at least once per year or when requested, report to the Compliance
Committee on risks and compliance to internal rules and regulations and compliance with laws and

Enacted by the Board 13th of April 2016