April 4, 2019

Construction works in Norway: lessons learned from the seminar with Novum Økonomi

Today our member company Novum Økonomi together with their partners gathered many actors from the construction field to share their experience, opportunities and key regulations within the construction works in Norway.

Did you know that construction field is becoming one of the most multicultural areas in Norway? Every third employee working with constructions in Norway is a foreign from Eastern Europe. Therefore, many challenges occur not only when it comes to cooperation between a project manager and subcontractors, contractual agreements or qualifications, but there are also cultural differences, misunderstandings or language barriers.

If you are planning to start a construction project with a Norwegian partner or in Norway, there are a few key points you need to look into:

1. Take care of online marketing: your website and Facebook page should be in place in either English or Norwegian languages (or both).

2. When negotiating at the early stage, make sure you know all about your cooperation partner’s needs instead of talking about your products and services.

3. Build up your reference and network, it is important to show you your previous work or have someone to prove that you are a reliable partner. This is where such organizations as Chambers of Commerce could be helpful!

4. Make sure you know everything about the legislation of the country you are going to work in and the contractual agreements are in place. This can get very pricy if you skip this point and get into trouble.

5. The quality or your products or services must be over the standard. It doesn’t have to be cheap, but you must prove your quality.

Don’t forget that when you sign the contract, the game only begins, as you need to check up on the progress constantly and report to the partner/customer all the time.


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