June 14, 2022

How a Cutting-edge Video Chat Accelerator Can Boost Growth: Computools Created Its Own Video Chat Accelerator

Accelerators play an essential role in growing and scaling a business online. Accelerators or Software Development Kits (SDKs) are the key to affordable development and high-performing functionality in many areas, such as video chat.

The video chat accelerator from Computools is an off-the-shelf architecture designed to optimize video calls from mobile phones and PCs. It has two main functions: video chat and conferences.

The solution makes collecting data and sharing content easy and can even segment groups with chat rooms (big or small).

The Importance of Video Chat

The number of Internet users has grown by 63% since 2012. If previously, there have been circa 2 billion people using the internet; now, the number is over 5 billion people, according to datareportal.com. It speaks to the insane popularity and perhaps the vital necessity of using digital products. What’s more, smartphones account for two-thirds of all web visits. This is due to the digitalization of businesses and services all across the globe and the increasing shift to telecommunication.

There’s no not using video chat at work or for business. People in all industries need human-centric communication during online meetings, conferences, classes, etc. Automating any process means there’s a need for enhanced digital security, and video chat is no exception. Here at Computools, we understand how important, no, vital data security is, and we paid extra close attention to this during the development of our Accelerator. A large number of consumers use video chat rooms. Some of which include but are not limited to online schools, educational and medical institutions, support and consulting services, real estate agencies, and even dating services.


The Perks of Using Computool’s Video Chat Accelerator

From its inception, our Accelerator was designed with the architecture for high-performing functionality geared towards hyper-growth companies and enterprises needing a flexible yet powerful solution to video chat:

  • Cut the time it takes to develop a working video chat in half;
  • Reduce operating costs while increasing profits;
  • Scale team communication efficiently;
  • Scale business communication efficiently;
  • Add new features and functionality over time.


We Keep on Creating

Creating useful apps, Accelerators, boxed solutions, or features is not where we stop. Computools strives to make the world a better place through technological advancement. The desire to help our customers expand, grow, and evolve encourages us to look a little further into the future, lifting the veil of innovation.


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