July 29, 2019

Digitalize it: Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine gets its new website design concept

Ukrainian digital agency and NUCC member Nextpage has developed a design concept for a new Verkhovna Rada website. The project is not a government order, but a complete initiative of the company.

Nextpage offers a new site that will be understood by various audiences: voters, community organizations, and the media.

The current version of the site has several serious problems – it is informationally overloaded, not adapted to mobile devices and generally does not meet the needs of modern users. Generally speaking, the work of design agencies is to identify user needs and then design a service, which will fit them as pleasant as possible. The site of the Verkhovna Rada is also a service whose purpose, above all, is to provide high-quality communication between the state and people. While working on the project, the agency has focused on four fundamental principles of designing user experience: prioritized content, usage of existing interface patterns, actual user requests, and analyzing and rebuilding user scenario.

The agency has proposed to modify the massive and intricate navigation on the site on modular blocks that an admin site can include and exclude, depending on the particular case. More useful and useful statistics will be available – about who from the people’s elected representatives attends the session of the Council, actively votes and submits proposed legislation. The simpler and more detailed information is – the less will be space for manipulation.

Informing the voter about the work of the Council – can be easy, clear, and unambiguous. The site needs to reduce the amount of text and, instead, increase the level of materials readability using infographics and tables. Nextpage insists on the substantial changes in the copywriting of State Representative Web-Office and suggests turning the site into a full-fledged press center. By making the site a reliable source of information, the state will substantially reduce the number of fake news.

Nextpage also suggests introducing on the site the principles of IT Kanban tool – in the form of a board with a list of all laws by categories, registered, waiting for their turn or already sent to the president for signature. Thus, laws can be smoothly moved by status, which will substantially facilitate the visual perception of information.

According to modern interface standards, the site adapts to the screens of tablets and smartphones and adds broadcasting for each event.

This initiative is entirely aimed at promoting the idea of a “state in a smartphone.” According to the developers, the convenience of digital services, in our day, is a prerequisite, not a bonus.


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