Annual meeting

  • Oslo, Norway
  • 07.02.2013
  • 10:00

The agenda for the Annual meeting was as follows:

1)   Approval of the calling and the Agenda

2)   Approval of Annual Report and Annual Accounts

3)   Changes in the articles of Association

4)   Election of Board Members

As of today, there are no procedures for proposing new members for the BoD. One of the proposed changes to the Charter, was electing a committee for this purpose. For this year, we asked the members to propose new members to the board directly to the Managing Director.

The networking meeting:

Mr Bukkvoll will focused on the situation in Ukraine after the Rada election and on the Presidential election in 2015.

The rest of the meeting was about Outsourcing/nearshoring from Ukraine. We think the presentations and discussions were useful also for other lines of Business than the ICT-industry, as Ukraine has highly skilled professionals in many fields.

After the meeting, all participants were invited for tapas and something to drink for exchanging experiences from working in Ukraine.