Networking meeting

  • Oslo, Norway
  • 12.02.2014
  • 09:00

45 people attended NUCC’s Networking Meeting on 12th of February. Attendees represented among others such institutions as Embassies of Ukraine and Norway, Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Norwegian Ministry of Trade and Industry, Innovation Norway, Norwegian Seafood Council, Norwegian Defense Research Establishment, Telenor AS.

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Managing Director of the NUCC, Sigmund Ekhougen, opened the meeting by welcoming our distinguished guests and presenting the agenda.

Norwegian Ambassador to Ukraine, HE Jon Elvedal Fredriksen, expressed his views on the current political situation in Ukraine. Norwegian Ambassador noted that level of trust in the current government is very low, cases of human rights violation haven’t been solved yet and the government needs to address this issue quickly.

Ukrainian Ambassador to Norway, HE Yurii Onischenko, said that Ukrainian government have done a set of steps in order to stabilize the situation: law of amnesty of adopted in order to release 200 protestants, President condemns violence and gave order to the Ministry of Internal Affairs to investigate each case. Main task for the government, he noted, is avoidance of violence escalation. According to HE Yurii Onischenko, President is ready to go forward with new elections but since next elections are to be conducted in January 2015, President doesn’t consider reelections at this point as a priority task.

Senior Research Fellow Norwegian Defense Research Establishment, Dr Tor Bukkvoll, mentioned that violence should be put to stop, independent judiciary system should be established, and rule of law should start inside from the league. He also mentioned that he thinks its possible for Ukraine to be in EU and remain good relations with Russia. The Norwegian Ambassador to Ukraine supported this view.

Norwegian journalist Halvor Tjønn moderated Panel Discussion. Norwegian Ambassador to Ukraine, HE Jon Elvedal Fredriksen; Ukrainian Ambassador to Norway, HE Yurii Onischenko; Senior Research Fellow Norwegian Defense Research Establishment, Dr Tor Bukkvoll represented the panel. Questioned discussed were related among others to how Norway could support Ukraine in nowadays situation; Cooperation between EU, Russia and Ukraine; and Is EU is the best solution for Ukraine.

Arne Mjøs, NUCC’s Chairperson and CEO Itera ASA, conducted NUCC Annual meeting by presenting NUCC’s financial records, choosing new Board members and sharing with NUCC’s plans for the future.

NUCC expresses sincere gratitude to Innovation Norway for giving us their premises to conduct our Networking meeting.