Networking meeting

  • Oslo, Norway
  • 03.04.2014
  • 10:00

NUCC’s Networking meeting in April


The event was attended by 50 participants: representatives from both private sector and governmental, like Bellona, Telenor ASA, Itera ASA, EVRY ASA, Embassies of Ukraine,Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Norwegian Seafood Council, Norwegian Defence Research Establishment.


Welcoming introduction to NUCC and Itera
Arne Mjøs – NUCC Chairperson and CEO, Itera ASA


How can Norwegian authorities and businesses together support Ukraine in today’s situation.
Marius Dirdal – Deputy Director General, Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Norway clearly states support for Ukraine’s sovereignty. Crimea is Ukrainian. We support Ukraine.

There has been little Norwegian-Ukrainian cooperation, but we will do our part to contribute to stabilization in Ukraine. We are a part of Europe, and we will contribute.

We will put together a bilateral package, in addition to our contributions through the IMF. The details are not yet clear.

However, we will increase direct project support from the Norwegian MFA, from the current approximately 40 million NOK annually, to at least 80 million NOK annually.

We will support Ukraine macroeconomic (IMF). We will also support direct projects in order to support the political development in Ukraine: democracy and institution building.

Even small things can be important in a situation like the one Ukraine now faces. Like visiting Kiev, which Brende did ​​already 6th of March.

Our goal is to have even more political visits from Norway to Ukraine soon. Also Prime Minister Erna. However, nothing has been decided yet.

We need to structure the collaboration with our partners. We cannot only increase financial support to projects; it must also follow conditions with the aid: we want to see democratic development in Ukraine, fight against corruption. In addition, inclusion of minorities.

The current government in Ukraine has impressed us; they have not only been calm under the threat and refrained from violence, but they have also been inclusive towards minority rights.

We will focus our project support on topics such as rule of law, transparency and democratization. In addition to direct/bilateral support, we will also give macroeconomic support (through IMF).

We are glad NUCC exists. We are also happy about NUCC’s goal – and believe in – increased trade between Ukraine and Norway. This is very good! We will support from a political level. The resources we have for this are limited, and we are not specialists. Therefore, we need strong partners. We hope you will continue being our solid partner.

We will fund the increased support to Ukraine from our Eastern Europe Fund, but we hope we will also be able to look at different budgets where we can allocate more funds and increase the total support.

The MFA needs a new policy on Ukraine, Russia etc. Because much has changed lately. Therefore, Norway works on a new, revised policy on Ukraine.


Evaluation of the current political situation in Ukraine
Dr. Tor Bukkvoll – Senior Researcher Fellow, Norwegian Defense Research Establishment


The current conditions for Norwegian exporters in the Ukrainian market
Øyvind Sætren – Business developer – Eastern Europe, Egersund Fisk



The current situation for investors in the IT-outsourcing industry
Igor Mendzebrovski – Country manager, Itera Consulting Group


Closing remarks from HE Yurii Onischenko – Ambassador to Norway from Ukraine:

I am happy for the topic of today: Ukraine – a window of opportunity. The Ukrainian Embassy in Norway and myself, are ready to assist in all possible ways to help achieve increased trade between our countries. We are very ready for this. Please contact us if you have any need of help or advice. Welcome to us, and welcome to Ukraine!


NUCC expresses sincere gratitude to Itera for giving us their help to conduct our Networking meeting.