Young Entrepreneurs 2018

About the program

“Young Entrepreneurs” is a business-educational program which aim is to bring together ambitious business-minded Norwegians and Ukrainians with one thing in common: Their passion for increasing investments and trade between in and between Norway and Ukraine. Despite of positive trade statistics and trends between Ukraine and Norway, Ukraine is still unknown for many Norwegians – meaning that we have not reached the full trade potential between our countries.

During two intensive weeks, one in Norway and one in Ukraine, you get first-hand guidance on creating and doing business in and between Norway and Ukraine. Throughout the program, the participants visit numerous Norwegian and Ukrainian businesses and meet with authorities and NGOs focusing on Business Ethics, Good Corporate Governance and Anti-Corruption. Moreover, the candidates work with concrete business cases that should lead into real business – as they did in three previous years .

Overarching goals:

  • Exchange of Norwegian-Ukrainian knowledge and competence
  • Contribution of the development of international economy and democracy
  • Building cross-boarder network between entrepreneurs, businesses and university professors from Norway and Ukraine
  • Facilitation of cross-boarder business partnerships

However, it is not all about business; by joining the program as participant you increase your intercultural understanding and get friends for life. Through our Alumni network, you will meet the participants from the previous editions of Young Entrepreneurs.

The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is general sponsor of the Young Entrepreneurs program.

Please contact us by any inquiries:

Anatolii Kyryliuk
+47 98 879 229
Nataliya Sjøvoll
+47 95 862 815
Practical information
  • Application deadline is set to February 5th 2018
  • To complete your application, you will need to provide us with three forms/documents:
    - Application form
    - 1 page Letter of Motivation where you describe the relevance of your candidacy and your motivation for applying
    - Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Out of all applications, NUCC will choose the 30-35 most relevant candidates for an interview
  • The 20 most qualified candidates will be taken into the program
  • All applicants will be notified in written form of either of the decisions by February 21st 2018


Both sessions are mandatory. In addition, the participants will have to work with their business case (in groups) between the sessions in April and Mai. The results from the work with business cases will be presented for a jury during the second session in June.

Participation fee:

Thanks to a grant from the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, NUCC will cover all program-related expenses, including travel costs (from the closest international airport), accommodation, social activities and meals.

Transportation to/from the closest international airport as well as travel insurance, visa application fee (if needed) and personal expences are to be covered by each participant. This also applies if you want to extend your stay in Norway and/or Ukraine.

Program 2018

We will continuously work on the program and will be presented during Q1 2018. What we already know, is that we will have a varied program consisting of of lectures, discussions, group-work, business cases and social activities.

You can have a look into the 2017-program and find more information in our Young Entrepreneurs booklet.

First session April 7th – 15th 2018

First session in Norway - April 7th – 15th

Saturday 7th April

Individual transfer to Norway.


Useful information:


15:00 Program TBC Useful link:
19:00 Transportation to the city centre
19:20 Welcome dinner All participants will have a short (1-2 minutes) oral and informal introduction about themselves, their company and expectations for the program.


Sunday 8th April

8:00 -8:45 Breakfast TBC
  • Introduction to NUCC and existing Norwegian-Ukrainian business cooperation by Anatolii Kyryliuk, Project Managers, NUCC
10:45-11:00 Break


11:00-12:00 Outstanding examples of Good Governance in an international context”. Irina Roddvik, Special advisor, Telenor Group and PhD Research fellow at Nord University.
14:00-15:00 Scenario workshop by Mr Anatoli Bourmistrov, Professor, at Nord University Business School
15:45-> Work with the scenario analysis and prepare presentation
19:00 Dinner Canteen


Monday 9th April

8:00-8:30 TBC TBC


Tuesday 10th April

Part I: Norwegian economy and Norwegian business structure
Part II: Financing tools to support Norwegian-Ukrainian cooperation

Part III: How to enter the Norwegian market

9:00-11:00 Part I: Norwegian economy and business structure Where:
Holbergs gate 1
0166 Oslo
9:00-9:25 Introduction to the Free Trade Agreement regulating trade and investments between EFTA countries and Ukraine and the Bilateral Free Trade Agreement on Agricultural products between Norway and Ukraine.

Mr Henrik Weisser, Senior Adviser, Trade Policy Department, Norwegian Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries

9:25-9:50 New Growth, Proud History" - The Norwegian Government's Ocean Strategy and "Greener, smarter and more innovative industry -  White Paper on Industry"


9:50-10:15 Norwegian industry´s competitiveness and ability of restructuring.


Federation of Norwegian Industries
10:15-10:40 How does Norway position itself as small and unknown country in a tougher and more global competition?


Innovation Norway
10:40-11:00 Digital solutions as part of the reorientation process in Norway. Potential for increased trade and cooperation.


11:00-11:15 Break
11:15-11:45 Part II: Financial support to Norwegian-Ukrainian cooperation Where:
Holbergs gate 1
0166 Oslo
11:15-11:45 How to insure your trade and business.


GIEK Credit Insurance
Lunch and work with your Business Case
13:00-13:45 Walk to the Norwegian Parliament
13:45-14:45 Meeting with the President of “Stortinget” (the Norwegian Parliament), Mr Olemic Thommessen and introduction to Norway´s support to Ukraine´s reform process and the Nordic-Baltic Initiative.

Guided tour in the Parliament

Karl Johans gate 22
N-0026 OsloPlease bring a valid ID!
15.30-17.30 Part III: How to enter the Norwegian market? Where:
Holbergs gate 1
0166 Oslo
15:30-16:00 Introduction to how to set up a company in Norway: Choice of corporate form – registering a company – VAT- accounting obligation


The Norwegian Tax Administration

Information on a how to start a business in Norway.

16:00-16:30 An A-B-C on how to import Ukrainian products to Norway – based on current Free Trade Agreements:


Directorate of Norwegian Customs
Import Guide for beginners
16:30-17:00 What to be aware of when importing Ukrainian agriculture products to Norway: Import safety, rules and regulations


Norwegian Food Safety Authority
17:00-17:30 Q&As  
19:00 Dinner Where:


Wednesday 11th April – How to start your own business?

Today you get advice on how to start your own business from people either supporting start-ups and/or with hands on experience from starting their own business. You will also meet several Norwegian companies with activites in Ukraine.

Part I:              How to raise capital and the Norwegian early stage capital market
Part II:                         The Norwegian start-up ecosystem, experiences from Norwegian start-ups and

how to succeed internationally
Part III:            Norwegian companies with activities in Ukraine are sharing their experience

9:00-11:00 Part I: How to raise capital and the Norwegian early stage capital market Where:
TRK Group
Wergelandsveien 7
0167 Oslo

9:00-9:30 Introduction to Innovation Norway´s tool box to support Norwegian start-ups - in Norway and abroad.


Innovation Norway is the Norwegian Government's most important instrument for innovation and development of Norwegian enterprises and industries.
9:30-10:00 Norwegian Venture Capital environment, technology trends and exciting opportunities.


TRK Group is an advisory and active ownership firm.
10:00-11:00 Q&As
11:00-13:15 Time to work on business cases  
13:15-14:00 Lunch NUCC Where:
Holbergs gate 1
0166 Oslo
14:00-16:15 Part II: The Norwegian start-up ecosystem, experiences from Norwegian start-ups and how to succeed internationally Where:
Holbergs gate 1
0166 Oslo
14:00-14:20 How to become an entrepreneur

TBC, Startup Norway

14:20-14:40 How to succeed internationally as a start-up?


14:40-15:00 TBC
15:00-15:15 Norwegian start-ups share its experience



15:15-15:35 How does Telenor work with the start-up scene
15:35-16:15 Q&As
16:15-16:30 Break
16:30-18:00 Part III: Companies with experience in trading and cooperating with Ukraine
  1. Evry (outsourcing)
  2. SigraGroup (energy)
  3. Pelagia (seafood)


Q&As and dinner

19:00-21:00 Guided city walk in Oslo Please bring comfortable shoes and a warm jacket.


Thursday 12nd April



12:30-14:00 Interactive workshop on international dispute resolution with law firms and NUCC members Wikborg|Rein (NO) and Arbitrade (UA).
Please meet-up no later than 12.15 pm in front of the main entrance.
Kronprinsesse Märthas plass 1
0160 Oslo
14:10-14:50 “Dealing with corruption  – currently and in the past”

Ms Gro Skaaren-Fystro, Special Advisor, Transparency International Norway


Kronprinsesse Märthas plass 1
0160 Oslo
15:00-15:45 Visit to the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Where:
Norwegian MFA
7. Juni Plassen
0251 Oslo
TBA Dinner Where:


Friday 13th April

Individual return flights (please check your travel documents).
Second session Mai 26th – June 3nd 2018

Second session in Kyiv, 26th May – 3nd June

Sunday 27th May

Individual flight to Kyiv. Useful information:
Arrival in Kyiv and transfer (bus or taxi) to the hotel. Useful links:
Check-in at Express Hotel


Express Hotel

38/40 Shevchenko Avenue
Kiev, Ukraine, 01032.

19:30 Welcome dinner Opanas ("Опанас")

Kyiv, Shevchenko park, Tereschenkovskaya str., 10


Monday 28th May

Part I: Ukrainian economy and Ukrainian business structure (8:30-15:30)
Part II: The reform work and the security situation in Ukraine (15:40-17:15)



In the hotel TBC
8:30-9:00 Words of Greeting



9.00-9:40 Introduction to Norway´s support package to Ukraine.

The Norwegian Ambassador to Ukraine, Mr Ole Terje Horpestad, and Mr Jan Flæte, senior advisor at the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Norwegian Embassy in Kyiv
9:40-10:25 Introduction to the Ukrainian economy 
10:25-11:10 Insights to Ukrainian business sectors – with focus on  energy, ICT and agriculture, which are sectors important for NO-UA trade


11:10-11:30 Break
11:30-12:15 Signing a business contract under Ukrainian legislation: What to be aware of?



12:15-13:00 How to set up and conduct Business in Ukraine



KPMG Ukraine
13:00-14:00 Lunch break
14:00-14:45 Current currency regulation policy in Ukraine

The National Bank of Ukraine

The National Bank of Ukraine
14:45-15:30 Public initiatives to support Ukrainian entrepreneurs and the start-up scene.


15:30-16:15 Update on the reform work in Ukraine and the way forward

Reanimation Package of Reforms

Reanimation Package of Reforms
16:15-16:45 Break
16:45-17:30 Status of security situation in Ukraine


International Affairs, Center for Army, Conversion and Disarmament Studies
19:30 Dinner TBA


Tuesday 29th May

8:00-9:30 Breakfast

Walk to iHub (approx. 40 minutes by foot or public transport).


In the hotel


10:00-11:00 Visit iHub’s, an incubator for startups, new location in Kyiv. iHub

10 Khreschatyk st., Kyiv

11:00-12:30 Excursion around city cente
12:30-13:30 Lunch


14:00-16:00 Work with Business Case TBC
16:00-16:30 Coffee and tea break Canteen
16:30-18:30 Work on Business Case TCB
19:30 Dinner TBA


Wednesday 30th May

8:00-8:45 Breakfast


In the hotel


Part I: How to do business continue

Part II: Getting to know the Ukrainian start-up scene.

9:00-9:40 Practical Issues of Taxation in Ukraine. VAT refund


9:40 -10:20 Customs clearance rules


10:20-11:00 Overview of the Ukrainian tax system


KPMG Ukraine
11:00-11:30 The free trade agreement between EU and Ukraine (DCFTA) and its impact on EU-Ukrainian trade


12:15-14:15 Walk to TSUM (shopping mall)

Lunch at Egersund Seafood & business meeting with Mr Konstantin Medvedev, Marketing Director

Walk back to campus.

Pelagia UkraineEgersund Seafood
14:15-15:45 Part II: Getting to know the Ukrainian start-up scene Where:
14:15-14:30 The development of the Ukrainian start-up ecosystem.


14.30-14:45 The new generation of IT-entrepreneurs


14.45-15:00 IT-skills in Ukraine, Unit Factory (tbc) Unit Factory
15.00-15:15 How to build up a successful business?


15.15-15:35 Who is disrupting energy and powering climate innovations


15.35-16.15 Discussion: Opportunities and barriers for startups in Ukraine and potential for Ukrainian-Norwegian business relations
16:15-17:00 Time of your own.
17:00 Individual transfer to the harbour where we meet the rest of the participants.
17:40 Meet-up at the harbour
18:00-22:00 Young Entrepreneurs Alumni Meeting 2017 Boat trip starts from River Station



Thursday June 31th May

Meeting with Norwegian enterprises operating in Ukraine

8:00-8:45 Breakfast


In the hotel



Doing business internationally: People, competences and cross-culture collaboration

ITERA Ukraine
09:20-09:40 Investing in the Ukrainian energy sector:
Opportunities and obstaclesMs Alina Sviderska, AICE AS
09:40-10:00 Q&As
10:00-13:00 Work with Business Case
13:00-14:00 Lunch TBC
14:00-16:00 Work with Business Case
16:00-16:30 Coffee and Tea Break TBC
16:30-18:00 Work with Business Case
19:00 Dinner TBC


Friday 1th June

8:00-8:45 Breakfast


In the hotel












Presentations of Business Case

Group 1
Presentation 20 (max 25) minutes
Comments and questions from the jury - 20 min

Group 2:
Presentation 20 (max 25) minutes
Comments and questions from the jury - 20 min

11.40-12.00 Pause 20 min

Group 3:
Presentation 20 (max 25) minutes
Comments and questions from the jury - 20 min

Group 4:
Presentation 20 (max 25) minutes
Comments and questions from the jury - 20 min
Lunch break

The jury will share its feedback and announce a winner

16:30-> How to utilize the program | Way forward: Farewell party Where:


Saturday 2nd June

All-day Voluntarily Excursion to Chernobyl


Sunday 3rd June

Individual return home


Monday 4th June

Deadline for handing-in the final Business Case-report

Statements from previous participants

Mehreen - participant 2016

"The Young Entrepreneurs program has been one of the most fulfilling programs I have participated in. I have been able to learn so much about Ukrainian culture, business environment, geo-political landscape and challenges in a short span of time. The program has been great in terms of meeting inspiring and passionate people with new ideas, eager to lift Ukraine up economically and achieve great things.

I think what worked best was bringing people together from both countries and giving them a combined cultural and academic experience in different places, both in Ukraine and Norway. I felt we were able to learn new ideas and see their implementation in real life through classroom lectures and company visits. Not the least, the friendships will go a long way in future to build further".

Viktoriya - participant 2016

"Being part of the "Young Entrepreneurs" was a unique experience for me, both professionally and socially. When I applied my expectations were limited to learning how to make right business choices in conducting international business operations, work in groups and develop real business plans. Five months later I gained priceless knowledge, skills and experience. I found myself among inspiring role models, people who share the same interests and values.

"Young Entrepreneurs" offers a glimpse into numerous businesses – that is what makes it so special for young and creative entrepreneurs! Great teamwork, tight-knit agenda, opportunity to meet amazing people, not to mention unbelievable nature and chance to get to know Norwegian culture – sounds incredible, doesn’t it? Participation in the Programme helped to identify my strong sides and my weaknesses which gave me right directions on how to further develop in business. Even though YEP 2016 is over, I am looking forward to cooperate and build constructive dialogue between Ukraine and Norway. Thank you for unforgettable moments of my life!"

Alex - participant 2015

"The Young Entrepreneurs Program, was a fantastic experience! I had a chance to visit one of the most developed countries in the world – Norway, and learnt how to make business with companies from there. It was rewarding and exciting to be a part of the team of exceptionally talented people from Ukraine and Norway – some of them had their own up-and-running international business, some achieved outstanding professional results.

What made our experience really unforgettable was the high-level organization of this program – top-notch management and attention to every detail were key factors in delivering a successful result"

Iaroslav - participant 2017

“Participation in Young Entrepreneurs Program gave me a wonderful opportunity to both meet peers who act as role models in Ukraine and Norway and get a deeper insight into the Norwegian business culture. I feel very honored to have become a part of a growing network of young Norwegian and Ukrainian entrepreneurs who will undoubtedly change the life in their countries, or maybe even worldwide, for the better.


It was a great experience for me to listen to the policy makers in both countries, to the businessmen and government officials as well as academicians, but I believe I will be correct if I say the visits of the functioning enterprises was one of those experiences you keep in mind for the rest of your life. I was also quite excited to be one of the speakers in Ukraine and share my professional legal experience with the marvelous and inspiring audience.


I am really grateful to all people who came up with the idea of such a program and make it happen every year! I believe cooperation between young entrepreneurs from both countries will be much more fruitful as within two weeks of personal contacts and weeks of preparation of the sector presentations we became close friends and started to understand each other’s mentality way better!”


Monica - participant 2016

"I applied for the Young Entrepreneurs program based on my previous experiences with working in Ukraine. I was hungry for new opportunities to involve in projects with this country full of inspiring young people and interesting businesses. NUCC gave me the chance to explore more of Ukraine and its people, and I am forever grateful. The participants, program and organizers held a very high level of skills.

I have learned more about how to do business in both of our countries, and also got new friends I hope I will know the rest of my life. From Young Entrepreneurs I have gained more than I ever imagined, both on a personal level as well as in a business context"


Nord University

Established in 1985, Nord University Business School has grown continuously and is today the leading educator of management personnel to the business community in Northern Norway. The location in the High North and excellent learning facilities make Nord University Business School an important faculty for teaching and research. It focuses on business education, research, post-school training and business development.

Norwegian Ministry Of Foreign Affairs

The main task of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is to secure and promote Norway’s interests internationally. Norway’s interests are determined by such factors as its geographical location in a strategically important area, its open economy, its position as a coastal state and steward of substantial marine resources, and its extensive exports of oil and gas.