May 23, 2024

“Foreigner’s Guide on Business Travel to Ukraine” by BDO in Ukraine

Despite the existing danger a lot of people, including volunteers, public figures, activists, politicians, investors, and many others, continue to visit Ukraine. This indicates the ongoing global support for Ukraine. Our member, BDO in Ukraine, has taken an active role in Ukraine’s recovery efforts and has significantly expanded its cooperation with the international community. The company has now released the “Foreigner’s Guide on Business Travel to Ukraine” providing crucial information for international visitors. This guide is designed to address all concerns and offers practical advice on traveling to and within Ukraine.

We understand that embarking on business travel to Ukraine during the war may seem like a daunting decision. Therefore, our goal is to provide clear and reliable information that will help business travelers make well-informed and secure decisions during their visit,” said Olga Korniichenko, responsible for international relations at BDO in Ukraine.

The guide outlines key safety measures, important planning stages for traveling, and methods to ensure personal safety while staying in various regions of Ukraine. The essential and up-to-date information includes:

  • Safety measures for traveling in Ukraine during the war;
  • Important planning stages for traveling;
  • Methods to ensure personal safety in various regions;
  • Detailed analysis of potential risks and mitigation strategies;
  • Information on safe accommodation;
  • Guidance on obtaining insurance against military actions;
  • A list of useful resources, apps, and tips.

BDO in Ukraine is committed to ensuring that business travelers are able to navigate safely and confidently, despite the ongoing challenges. This guide is an essential resource for anyone planning a business trip to Ukraine. It offers valuable insights and practical advice in order to prioritize safety and security during their stay.


Stay informed and travel safely.
If you would like to find out more information, please contact BDO in Ukraine.

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