April 28, 2023

From Dnipro to Scandinavia: MOVA's Inspiring Journey

Our Ukrainian member-company MOVA and CO LLC from Dnipro sells its products in Norway as well as the company has recently entered the Danish market. The beer will be sold at Coop Danmark shops, one of the largest Danish retailers. We sincerely congratulate the brewery MOVA on the new deal and wish best of luck in Scandinavia!

The Dnipro-based brewery MOVA is more than simply a source of great beer. It’s also a representation of unity and connection, and MOVA in Ukrainian means “language”. Small craft contract brewery MOVA was established in 2018, but it has since broadened its horizons and opened its own manufacturing plant in 2021. The MOVA team has long recognized the unique function that beer plays in fostering interpersonal relationships. As a result, they have developed into one of the friendliest breweries, uniting hundreds of individuals via the common language of beer. By the way, Norway was the first country where the company exported own beverages.

It is more important than ever to support Ukrainian businesses like MOVA. When Norwegians buy products made in Ukraine, they contribute to the Ukrainian economy, helping to keep the wheel turning. When choosing MOVA beer, Norwegians not only get a delicious drink but also take part in the spirit of cooperation and resiliency that the brewery represents. At the same time, the brewery’s presence in both Norway and Denmark illustrates the region’s rising respect for and acknowledgement of Ukrainian goods.

In Norway you can buy MOVA beer here:

Online: www.bryggeriutsalget.no

Offline: Bryggeriutsalget:

  • Grunerløkka, Nordre Gate 18, inngang Markveien, 0551 Oslo Norway
  • Homansbyen Parkveien 25, inngang Hegdehaugsveien, 0350 Oslo Norway



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