May 22, 2020

Innovation Sprint: here is the winner!

We are so proud to announce the winner of the Innovation Sprint: Speedfriending by Nordic Vagabonds. Speedfriending is a concept that started in 2018, where the overarching goal was to connect people who feel isolated. Through events, social gatherings and online networking their founders Viktor Sanden and Christina Højgaard have several years of experience in combating the social isolation and loneliness that might occur in cities, university campuses and other large institutions.

When the pandemic disabled their opportunity to connect people through physical events, they had to innovate. With the help of SFox Model by InventorSoft, Speedfriending will build a digital solution that differs from existing social media applications. The core goal will remain to limit the feeling of social isolation and loneliness.

We’re looking forward to see the digital development of Speedfriending!

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