The Norwegian-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce (NUCC) is proud to announce the establishment of a new initiative, the NUCC International Trade Committee. The initiative's aim is to establish a supportive network of assistance for companies working with trade between Norway and Ukraine.

By providing a practical arena for communication, the Committee aims to support its members in overcoming obstacles that companies can meet in the bilateral trade process. These meetings will serve as a platform for members and partners to stay updated about changes in international trade that may affect the trade of goods and services between Norway and Ukraine.

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International Trade Committee Events:

Upcoming Past

Contact persons

Anastasia Antonyk
Project Manager / Special focus Manufacturing /
Oleg Kyryievskyi
Managing partner at First Chair Legal, Co-Chair of EBA Customs Committee /
Iryna Pavlenko
Partner at First Chair Legal, Board-member of International Trade Law Committee in Ukrainian Bar Association /