September 23, 2021

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Knowledge is key to a successful business, and we have boots on the ground. Combining our knowledge of Scandinavia with our presence in Ukraine, our two Scandinavian journalists in Ukraine report daily on the stories and developments crucial for Scandinavian businesses working in Ukraine. As a not-for-profit media, everything we earn goes straight towards giving you an even better understanding of running a business in Ukraine or with Ukrainian partners.

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Freight prices are exploding, capacity is scarce. The international shipping chaos is pushing companies to change supply chain strategies. Production and supply chains become regional. Nearshoring increases accessibility, reduces delivery times and is more climate friendly. That is why many companies are looking to Ukraine. Ukraine offers competitive wages, skilled labor, free trade deal with the EU and proximity to the European markets.

At our two Scandinavian journalists in Ukraine report daily on the stories of interest to Scandinavian businesses. We understand the challenges Scandinavian businesses face, and we tailor our stories to the Scandinavian reality.

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