Industrial manufacturing is an important sector for the Ukrainian economy, and it has the second largest share in total Ukraine’s value-added (GDP) after the contribution of the wholesale and retail trade. Food processing accounts for one third of the industrial manufacturing in Ukraine. Other two thirds are the output of non-food manufacturing sectors.

Basic metal processing, machinery and equipment make the largest contributions to the output of non-food manufacturing output. The share of basic metal processing is 33% in the total non-food manufacturing output and the total share of machine and equipment manufacturing is 20%.

Export demand is an important factor for the development of Ukrainian non-food manufacturing sector. For most non-food manufacturing sectors, export sales account for more than 20% of total sales. The most export-oriented industries includes the manufacturing of motor vehicles, basic metals, timber, and wood products. About 60% of the sales from these sectors come from export markets. They are followed by manufacture of furniture and leather products with the share of export sales at about 50%.

We in NUCC are sure that Ukraine can become a huge manufacturing hub both for Europe and especially for Norway. The main goals of our manufacturing project are to connect Norwegian and Ukrainian businesses, help brands from Norway to find factories and producers in Ukraine, as well as helping already established Ukrainian brands to conquer the Norwegian market. We believe that such bilateral cooperation will bring in new standards, transform business culture and bring the corporate governance in Ukraine to a new level.

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