October 6, 2022

Norwegian-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce met with the Ukrainian Ministry of Energy

Did you know that Ukraine could be one of the biggest suppliers to the EU on energy needs? Ukraine has the resources, and Norway has the experience and knowledge, meaning more investments from Norway, would be beneficial for both countries.

Last week we together with Rystad Energy, Itera, Emergy AS, and the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Kyiv, visited the Ukrainian Ministry of Energy.

The initiative was a logical follow-up on talks between Norwegian Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre and Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelensky on how Norway can help Ukraine recover and further develop in the energy sector.

Ukraine is suffering from big challenges with Russian attacks on critical infrastructure in the energy field and this is expected to only increase and become extra critical as winter sets in. Ukraine needs help from the international communities and businesses to ensure that vital needs of the Ukrainian people will be met, in regards of electricity, gas and heating.

Together with joint forces, private and public, NUCC is pushing forward to aid Ukraine as best as possible and will continue to create and follow up on initiatives in the field. Despite the short-term challenges, there are many possibilities for cooperation between Norway and Ukraine in the long term.

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