May 1, 2019

NUCC at the annual Norwegian Export Conference 2019

On April 30 NUCC took part at the annual Norwegian Export Conference organised by, among others, our members GIEK Credit Insurance and Innovation Norway. 

Peak Oil is over and Norway needs to speed up its restructuring of the economy to tackle the future challenges of an ageing population with low birth rate in an extensive welfare state. These challenges urge Norway to increase its exports. 

The conference presented Norwegian success stories in export, such as Aibel (Energy), Aker BioMarine (Seafood), Airthings, Dignio (Healthtech), Vipps (Fintech). 

More Norwegian companies need to go from start-up to scale-up, and more companies needs to look to and trade abroad. Ukraine is one such destination, a large European market with many opportunities for Norwegian businesses. Contact us at NUCC for more information. We stand ready to assist companies looking for opportunities in No/Ua trade!  

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