July 7, 2015

NUCC Investment Competition

Norwegian-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce (NUCC) announces the start of the selection process for Ukrainian companies to participate in the investment competition for Norwegian – Ukrainian ICT & Investment Conference, which will take place at Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel, Oslo, on November 11th, 2015.

Conference 11.11.2015

The conference will bring together a big number of stakeholders interested in development of Norwegian-Ukrainian business cooperation. Ukrainian companies have a chance to compete for finding the potential investors at the investment section of the conference.

Application and Selection Process

Selection process will start from the review of each applicant’s business plan by the representatives of the Norwegian-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Kyiv School of Economics. In addition, all applicant companies will be screened online by the Selection Committee after the registration deadline. Then approximately seven applicant companies will be selected according to their business plan, potential, team experience, product/technology merit, competitive position, investment or partnering interest, project profile quality and estimated return of investment.

Results of the selection process.

Based on the result of the selection process the selected companies will be invited to visit Norway and have their presentations in front of the conference participants: business angels, venture capitalists, corporate investors and industry experts in Oslo, Norway. The selected companies will also be offered a stand at the mingling area where they can put up their roll-ups, brochures etc. The company representatives will cover their own travel expenses.

Format of the presentations

All selected companies will have 7 minutes for their presentations of the companies and projects. Interested parties can ask questions and have discussions at the corporate stands during the breaks. Also a short description of the investment plan of the company will be published on NUCC’s informational resources and also given to all conference participants as part of the meeting material.

Key Dates, Application Process and Eligibility:
Event/Deadline Date Venue
Collection of the applications and Selection Process July -September On line
Selection of the winners of the competition September-October Norway-Ukraine
Finalization of presentations and business plans by the companies October Ukraine
Participation of the selected companies in the conference. Presentations of business plans for potential investors. 11 November Oslo, Norway


There are no specific restrictions for Ukrainian companies to participate in NUCC investment competition. However, the presentations must be in English, and be presented by a person with good communication skills. All applicants must prepare a thorough business plan (word-file or similar), plus a slide presentation to be used during the conference. Each company will have strictly 7 minutes for their presentations.


2015 NUCC Investment Competition – Information about the organiser and partner:

Norwegian-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce is a non-governmental, non-profit organization, responsible for the development of the Norwegian-Ukrainian business relations.

For more information, please contact the organizing committee at nordbo@nucc.no, andrii@nucc.no or vvargola@kse.org.ua

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