March 22, 2019

OLIZ: Scarves with Love to Art and Tradition

Last year Khrystyna Zboroshenko participated in the Young Entrepreners Program 2018, that gathered together 20 business minded Ukrainians and Norwegians for an intensive course focused on streightening business cooperation between Norway and Ukraine. Khrystyna has her own fashion brand OLIZ that designes and produces scarves only from natural fabrics and eco-friendly materials. The pattern of each scarf is a product of Art created in the collaboration with talanted painters.

In the heart of OLIZ is a fascination with vintage Ukrainian shawls, which came from a family collection of the founder. In 2013, Krystyna started restoring the scarves in the collection and a year later realized that the only way to save them is to reproduce them in a modern way. Nowadays the brand create scarves with love to art and tradition.

Krystyna was lucky to be chosen for YE2018 as a part of light industry group. It was eventually the first time for the light industry group to take part in the program and it was fascinating experience. She felt in love with Norway and its culture. This country could seem cold from the first sight, indeed so atmospheric and trustworthy. This is what Khrystyna tells about the YE2018: “This program was about meeting new amazing and talented people who inspire you and give you some insights from their own life. You see absolutely different and really highly developed country that makes you think and look differently, think more globally, more brave. I definitely took a piece of Norway with me”.

As a designer she couldn’t but be inspired by Scandinavian style. In simplicity one starts to see amazing beauty that gives confidence. Khrystyna have visited dozen of shops and galleries and started to dream about our new laconic collection. And finally she did it! Her latest collection “Infinite” is about infinity in a simple form.

“I am looking forward to cooperation with Norwegian painters and designers to create collection for Norwegian market that would be popular in the rest of Europe as well. Our quality, affordability in terms of price and geography could be attractive for Norwegians”, says Khrystyna.

Find out more about OLIZ and contact information of the company on our BMMP portal.

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