Do you want to find business partners in Ukraine or Norway? Or do you know about companies that could be interested in opening a new market for import/export, find a business partner in Norway/Ukraine, would be interested in outsourcing some of their production, or developing other kind of business cooperation?

The Matchmaking Program is open for companies from all branches and sectors. Our online database contains hundreds of business proposals from companies that are eager to cooperate. The participation is free. Visit business portal.

Companies, organizations, universities, institutions that are interested in cooperation with a similar player in Ukraine/Norway are welcome to contact NUCC and join our Matchmaking Program. We will do a partner search and connect you with qualified companies. After being connected by us, and if both companies are interested in developing business together, the parties will sign a MoU.

MoUs are only Letters of Intent, but the goal is that the agreements will lead to fruitful cooperation and developing business, and boost the trading figures between Ukraine and Norway, and build stronger relations between our two countries.

Interested, or have any ideas?


Please, contact Office Manager Nataliya Sjøvoll
Phone number: +47 958 62 815


Through the Matchmaking Program NUCC has connected the Norwegian IT company Step2Web AS with the Chernihiv-based IT company Che IT Group. Step2Web AS wanted to find an optimal partner in Ukraine to outsource some of their projects. In August 2014 they signed a MoU-agreement through the NUCC Matchmaking Program, and started up the outsourcing cooperation in the beginning of September. To learn more about the companies, visit their web pages: and .
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