December 20, 2022

Relaunch of NUCC fundraising

As many of us are preparing for a peaceful Christmas, Ukraine is preparing to face an extremely difficult winter.
Our humanitarian partner organizations in Ukraine report about the lack of not only electricity, including heating, light, and power, but also warm clothes, food, water, and medicine. The civilian needs are close to insatiable, and the flow of humanitarian funds and supplies has decreased significantly since the first months of the war. This is why NUCC now, once again, calls for support.
Shortly after Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the NUCC Board of Directors unanimously resolved to establish an ad-hoc fundraising. NUCC partnered up with humanitarian organizations and emergency projects on the ground in Ukraine to ensure that donated funds would be channeled into direct help to the people of Ukraine.
Through our donors’ generosity and our local partner organizations’ brave work, we have provided quick and practical support to many of the country’s most war-affected areas. More than 1,7 million NOK has been donated to Ukraine through the fund, providing crucial aid to the people of Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa, Sumy, and Mykolaiv, to name some. Please have a look at this video report with private footage directly from our partners on the front lines of the civilian catastrophe.
In collaboration with our partners, NUCC has identified two ways of support that will be highly appreciated at this time and phase of the war. We kindly encourage you to consider what you can do – both as a private person and as a company.
First, our partners request funds to finance necessary emergency supplies, such as food, water, medicine, fuel, power generators, and more, to continue their essential work. NUCC takes no administration fees of any kind and covers all expenses related to transactions, accountants, and auditors. All funds donated are sent, in total, to initiatives on the ground in Ukraine. If you or your company would like to donate, please click the link for information.
Secondly and as importantly, NUCC has decided to launch a Christmas gifts campaign, where we encourage our network to send gifts directly to our partners’ addresses in Ukraine. This is a response to the great initiative of the Norwegian Postal Service, which currently covers the cost of sending packages up to 20 kg to Ukraine. Read more about Posten’s initiative here.
1. Find or buy something you would like to donate.
2. Pack it and choose the right recipients for your gifts from below.
3. Follow Posten’s instructions and ship it; our partners will do the brave work of distributing it in Ukraine.
We hope many of you, and your colleagues, will join us in a pre-Christmas clean-up at home and donate some private surplus to the children, families, and defenders of Ukraine to warm them for the winter – literally and by showing support.
To ease the administration and coordination for our UA partners, we have gathered three addresses, representing three of our partners since March, that will be grateful to receive and distribute our gifts.
Flashlights, power banks, and sleeping bags can be sent to;
Malysheva Anna
Yanusha Korchaka St. 18
Kyiv, 03190
Phone: +380 (50) 311 87 82
Shampoo, soap, food (dry and canned), candles, blankets, and thermal underwear can be sent to;
Aspaklariya NGO
Maksym Zhukovets
Pekarska St. 13
Lviv, 79008
Phone: +380 (63) 234 56 78
Thermal underwear, blankets, and sleeping bags for children from 6 years can be sent to;
Hrynyk Ksenyja
Avenue Mykhaila Lushpy, building 9, apartment 331
Sumy, 40035
Phone: +380 (66) 345 67 31
We would like to hear about your contribution and encourage you to share on Social Media by using the hashtag #NUCCfundraising and tagging NUCC. Sharing about our good deeds may inspire others to do the same.
Please share the information with your colleagues and network so that we, together, can make the winter season a little warmer for Ukraine.

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