Relevant Software shares their story from working with a Norwegian startup
March 1, 2020

Relevant Software shares their story from working with a Norwegian startup

We in Relevant Software started the cooperation with 24Onoff, a Norwegian startup helping construction companies with time tracking and project management, in 2015. In the picture you can see the 24Onoff co-founders with Relevant Software’s team.

Relevant Software is a Ukrainian web and software development company.  We bid on 24Onoff project on Upwork as dozens of other companies. Being loaded with proposals, they just couldn’t choose a vendor, so the 24Onoff team decided to take a trip to Ukraine to meet with potential vendors in person.

We had a great time meeting with them. We did not only discuss the details of collaboration and possible ways of product development, but we also provided a business analysis consultation right away.

Apart from a personal connection, expertise and our charismatic team members, there were a few reasons why they choose to work with us:

  • We provided business analysis consultation at the first meeting. Even in the first letter at Upwork, we asked: “Are you sure you want to build it this way?”.
  • From the words of our client, we are keeping communication at a high level and we are just pleasant to work with.
  • We weren’t the cheapest, but as our client said, we were just the golden mean.

Since 2015, we were providing 24Onoff with a dedicated team that consisted of web and mobile developers, quality assurance specialists, business analysts, and project managers.

What is the product about?
24onoff have developed a digital tool for time tracking and project management, which helps companies in the construction industry to minimize inefficient routines, billing delays, and unnecessary paperwork.

Their services helps construction companies manage their resources, have a clear vision of the current stage of the project, create payrolls and easily export reports to files.


Why did 24Onoff choose to outsource?
Firstly, they lacked internal tech expertise to build the full-featured SaaS product. They have built the first version of the product by themselves, but it was hardly scalable to what was planned.


Secondly, they found it challenging to assemble a team in Norway, as Norway doesn’t have that many software development specialists.

And thirdly, the price of course played a role. Ukraine is still a cost-effective destination for outsourcing from Western Europe.

The services Relevant Software provided
Our dedicated team covered the whole software development part for 24Onoff, while they handled the product management.

The services our client outsourced were:

  • Business analysis -Our business analyst worked on detailed project documentation and consulted the team on future product and features development.
  • Project management – The internal management of the dedicated team was handled by project manager on our side.
  • Web development – 24Onoff is a SaaS product with a web version, on which our frontend and backend developers worked.
  • Mobile development – The development of Android and iOS apps was handled by our senior Java and Swift developers.
  • Quality assurance – We were testing the software being developed to ensure that it was released bug-free.
  • DevOps – Our team set up a server and gateways monitoring system to improve capacity planning and improve reliability.

How 24OnOff benefited from working with Relevant Software
Outsourcing software development has lots of benefits, as cost reduction. But what value exactly Relevant brought to 24Onoff?

We were able to provide our client with a dedicated team for business analysis, that helped the company to avoid losses in the future and build the product the right way. In addition to that, we allowed founders to sleep well at night, by managing the development at the highest level and keeping them informed about the process.

By collaborating with us, 24Onoff was able to fill the talent gap and acquire unique tech and product development expertise they lacked. Our development team integrated into the company life, becoming it’s a true part and competitive advantage.

In short, here are the benefits of working with Relevant:

  1. Cutting costs.
  2. Access to senior experts.
  3. Business analysis.
  4. Great communication.
  5. Dedication and interest of team members.

«We had the challenge to find trustworthy outsourcing companies that we could rely on. Previous attempts ended badly, and we needed to find a company that had the skills, good communication and was fair on price.

We chose Relevant Software because we felt that they understood our business needs. They are very clear in communication and they execute the projects with the same quality as if it was their own. They also come up with ideas and improvements to make sure that the solution would be as good as it could be. Give them the really challenging tasks, the ones that everyone else is struggling with, and they will get them done.» – Ole Jørgen Næss, Co-founder, 24onoff.

Originally published at Relevant Software’s blog.

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