October 15, 2019

IT market report: The Country That Codes

Software development in Ukraine: 2019-2020 

Ukraine has become a major player on the global tech arena. Its IT industry reaches new heights every year as its IT talent pool is approaching 200,000 software developers.

There could be no better time for the country with historically strong engineering skills to realize its potential. In the world engrossed with tech innovations, at the time when information and data have become the new oil, Ukraine has an invaluable asset to offer – an unmatched IT talent pool. 

So what is happening in the Ukrainian IT market today? What are the key forces driving Ukraine to the foreground of the global tech scene? Discover this and more about ‘the country that codes’ in a special report prepared by our member N-iX.

This report gathers data provided both by Ukrainian and international advisory firms, media, business associations, and other reputable sources. It includes findings by PwC, Gartner, CBInsights, StackOverflow, A.T. Kerney, DOU, and others.

Please download the report here.

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