October 15, 2018

Ukraine is open and ready for business: New Investment Booklet from UkraineInvest

This great overview from UkraineInvest provides general information and facts about Ukraine, reasons to invest in the country and description of the key sector opportunities: agribusiness, energy, manufacturing, infrastructure, and innovative technologies. 

Beginning in 2014, Ukraine strengthened its economy and launched unprecedented structural reforms with EU convergence policies to create a solid platform for future sustainable growth.

As part of its anti-corruption drive the country has introduced:

  • the ‘Prozorro‘ e-procurement system throughout all levels of government and state-owned enterprises
  • public access to state property registers, implementing E-Data and placing the Treasury system online
  • e-declarations for all public servants, including the judiciary
  • automatic VAT refunds system

New anti-corruption institutions. These include the newly established:

  • National Anti-Corruption Bureau (NABU)
  • National Agency to Prevent Corruption (NAPC)
  • Special Anti-Corruption Prosecutor (SAP)
  • National Police force, which is being systematically rolled out across the country

The transformation continued with 3 more important reforms adopted in 2017 – in education, pensions, and healthcare. In early 2018, Ukraine’s Parliament passed a new law accelerating privatization, with proposed legislation on land reform prepared and firmly on the parliament’s agenda.

Ukraine is open and ready for business!

For more facts and details please download Ukraine NOW investment booklet.

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