February 2, 2023

W/architecture: we will rebuild Ukraine together!

The rebuilding of Ukraine after the horrific russian war will require a collaborative effort from both the private and public sectors. The private sector has the resources and expertise to implement innovative building practices and solutions, while the public sector has the responsibility to ensure that these solutions align with the needs and goals of the communities. Joining forces and working together, the private and public sectors can create a more sustainable and resilient future for Ukraine. We also believe that the Norwegian building sector boasts a high level of expertise and competence that can greatly contribute to the rebuilding efforts in Ukraine.

This and more was discussed at the seminar W/Architecture that took place on January 31st in Oslo. Various speakers discussed the theme of “Build Back Better.”, as well as rethinking of the architecture, policies, and sector in general. We talked about the challenges in providing IDP housing, and the need for both temporary and permanent solutions. Private sector is willing to support housing initiatives, while as Susan Goeransson from EBRD noted it is important to establish transparent structures and government engagement to attract investors and support the private sector. The conference emphasized the need to “Build Back Better” and find solutions that address multiple future scenarios and challenges.

We would like thank all the participants and speakers for their valuable contributions at the W/architecture seminar. We are grateful to our member Cosmos In for the initiative and help putting the event together, as well as DOGA and the Norwegian Embassy in Ukraine for their partnership and support and the Embassy of Ukraine for their cooperation. The partners’ and speakers’ commitment to addressing the challenges in housing and architecture has made this seminar a great success.

We look forward to following it up with more concrete initiatives that will help Ukraine and Ukrainians to recover!

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