April 29, 2020

Why Building R&D Centers in Ukraine Makes Sense for European Business in 2020

The article is written by our member Computools.

Description: Discover the advantages of Ukrainian R&D centers for European companies and enterprises.

Starting from the late nineties, Information Technologies was actively developing in Ukraine. Over the years IT not only went through several important stages of formation but also took a significant place in the list of state revenues. The starting point was the provision of specialists in outsourcing, which allowed to accumulate enough experience to open service companies with customers around the globe. Ukrainian developers have already been appreciated by global giants such as Boeing, Oracle, and Google, that have opened their development and research centers in Ukraine.

 What benefits the Ukrainian R&D Centers Offer?

One of the main concerns when building a research and development center abroad is associated with possible risks or legal barriers. Ukrainian R&D centers are ready to offer wide opportunities for large and medium-sized companies.

No Legal Restrictions

Quite often, opening a research and development center in another country requires too many resources and preparation: studying legislation, bureaucratic checks, additional licensing, etc. A favorable climate has been created in Ukraine for the opening offices, departments and R&D centers by foreign companies. Thanks to the country’s participation in international economic unions and associations, many laws are created and adopted taking into account European experience, which gives undoubted benefits to companies from abroad.

Another undoubted plus is a visa-free regime for Ukraine with the EU countries. This allows R&D Center employees to freely visit the company’s head office for conferences and training seminars.

Rapid Growth of the Software Development Market

Along with the rapid development, the Ukrainian IT market is showing noticeable acceleration. One of the reasons for this phenomenon is the increased demand for Ukrainian developers, which has been observed in recent years. Experts give a very optimistic forecast, predicting that in the coming years the number of specialists will double, and the market will grow by 22-30% annually.

It is also believed that a significant continuing education and extension of the competence of IT engineers from Ukraine is also responsible for accelerating the market. The same was the impetus for an increase in the number of R&D centers in the country.

Ever-Growing Talent Fund

According to statistics, in Ukraine, there are more than 190,000 developers and IT engineers. This number continues to grow due to increasing demand. University programs cover training in various IT fields. The experience is accumulated due to the numerous opportunities to undergo practical training or internships in a local or international company.

Among the most popular programming languages, frameworks and platforms, C ++, Unity3D, JavaScript, PHP, and ASP.Net stand out. However, the widespread use of disruptive technologies such as AI, ML or AR/VR stimulates Ukrainian developers to gain knowledge and experience in these areas as well.

Thorough English Studying

Almost all international communication is based on the use of English. Knowing of this particular language helps access to large developer communities, warehouses of knowledge and information. Ukrainian IT engineers pay special attention to language learning, never stopping only at a basic conversational level. Among their priorities are the study of professional vocabulary and the continuous deepening of knowledge.

Erasing the language barrier allows the team to better interact with the remote management, stay on the same wavelength as the whole company, better understand their tasks and mission.

Perfect Time Zone

One of the inconveniences that may be associated with the building of R&D centers in another country is a significant time difference. This makes it impossible to be constantly in touch and solve emergency and urgent issues quickly and efficiently. It often influences the productivity indicators and such a remote development and research center becomes not advisable.

The proximity of Ukraine allows developers to comfortably and effectively cooperate with all European companies. Statistics confirm that the opening of the R&D center in Ukraine can increase the speed of the entire company since there is no need to spend time on long-term coordination and discussions, which take place in real-time during scheduled meetings and “scrums”.

Minimal Cultural Differences

The territorial proximity of Ukraine and European countries also led to cultural syncretism, which has been especially pronounced in recent years. Many traditions are adopted from neighboring cultures, organically complementing the local flavor. Besides, the differences between cultural values ​​and principles are quite small and can gradually fade with constant interaction.

The main resource of the R&D center is people, therefore it is so important to select those who will understand not only the tasks set but also the mentality features. Therefore, the cultural proximity of Ukraine makes its developers the most suitable employees for European companies.

Ukrainian service companies, such as Computools, offer their services to technology companies that seek to create a team of effective and reliable developers. Such a partnership makes the opening of the R&D center in Ukraine even more profitable, as it allows you to use the experience and competence of a local company, significantly reducing the risks and time needed to find suitable employees.

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