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November 3, 2022

Why is Made with Bravery a good way of supporting Ukraine?

We would like to share information with you about a great Ukrainian initiative launched as a response to the ongoing war – Made with Bravery, an official marketplace of products made in Ukraine.

NUCC had a meeting with representatives from Made with Bravery and learned more about the idea behind the initiative, why it is a good way of supporting Ukraine, and the practicalities of how to place your first order.

As Christmas approaches and many are looking for Christmas gifts for their loved ones, NUCC would by this post like to encourage its network to buy Ukrainian made products for Christmas, with the guidance from Made with Bravery.

Q: How (and why) was the Made with Bravery marketplace created?

A: EVO, a Ukrainian product IT company, launched Made with Bravery an official marketplace of products made in Ukraine, with broad support of Ukrainian governmental institutions, the support of payments global leader Visa and communications agency Banda. 

The main idea of the marketplace is to show the world how great and high-quality Ukrainian products are by: 

  • Giving the possibility for Ukrainian manufacturers to produce and sell their goods;
  • Uniting Ukrainian entrepreneurs into a community;
  • Making Ukrainian products popular in different countries and to make the world fall in love with Ukrainian products;
  • Supporting the reconstruction of Ukraine using the United24 platform. Every purchase at Made with Bravery is a brick in the “new walls” of Ukraine. It is the underlying idea behind the first communication campaign of Made with Bravery.

Q: Why is Made with Bravery a good way of supporting Ukraine?

A: We are assured that our project has a solid social mission for several reasons. 

First, we firmly believe that small business is crucial to any stable economy. So we mainly attract small companies and entrepreneurs who are not able to sell their products abroad by themselves due to a lack of experience and financial resources and support their development during this uncertain and complicated time.

Second, we transfer all the margin to the platform United24, where all the resources are invested in critical spheres of our country. 

Last but not least, we are proud of our merchants who produce creative, high-quality products and clothes that may appeal to people in other countries who share our values and want to show their support. 

Q: What can you purchase on Made with Bravery marketplace? 

A: There are several categories of goods on our marketplace: special Brave merch, created especially for our project to show what Ukrainians feel and want to share, Ukrainian clothes and accessories with Ukrainian symbols, especially embroidered shirts and dresses that may underline that either you have Ukrainian roots or feel empathy, books that have high historical value, natural cosmetics, eco-friendly, and handmade home items. All these products may be purchased for yourself or could be fantastic Christmas gifts.

Most popular goods: Ukrainian flag, patriotic T-shirts, sweatshirts, socks, chocolate and honey.

Q: Can I get a delivery to Norway and how does it work?

A: We are happy to inform you that we deliver our products to almost 200 countries, and Norway is one where we see high demand and interest in what we are doing. Payment and shipment conditions are the following: you may pay with a bank card, the shipment will take from 7 to 20 days, cost of shipment will depend on the size and weight of your order. 

Everyone can become an ambassador of the project and support Ukrainian producers by spreading information about the marketplace.

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