About NUCC

We believe there are large opportunities in an increased cooperation between Norway and Ukraine within many areas.

The association “Norsk Ukrainsk Handelskammer/Norwegian Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce”  (NUCC) is established to stimulate increased commercial cooperation between Norway and Ukraine.

The association shall work for the interests of its members. It shall refrain from any political and ideological activity and shall not have other commercial interests than covering its own operating expenses.

The association shall encourage the commercial relations between Norway and Ukraine in order to promote its member’s business interests in the two countries.  Under commercial relation we mean trade (export/import), investment and cooperation within R&D and education.

The Norwegian Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce shall cooperate with public agencies and other business associations to further its vision. The association shall mainly contribute to building relationships as well as to arranging contact development, exchange of information and experience between parties, maintaining, establishing  and developing business relations between members and potential business partners.

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