Meeting for the NUCC International Trade Committee

  • Online via Zoom
  • 28.02.2024
  • 15:00

In 2023, the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine published information regarding negotiations with the EFTA countries (European Free Trade Association) concerning the revision of the Free Trade Agreement between Ukraine and the EFTA countries, including Norway.

This revision of the Agreement may have an impact on creating a favorable climate for economic relations in the field of trade, promoting the development of a competitive market economy, and fostering the growth of key industries. For businesses, important aspects to consider during the review include (a) the possibility of applying Transitional PEM rules (b) the application of diagonal and full cumulation for agricultural products, and (c) the update of trade preferences.

NUCC International Trade Committee invites all NUCC members and relevant partners for an online meeting to discuss the status of the negotiations and explore ways in which, as a committee, we can push these negotiations forward.

Date and time: 28.02 at 15:00 (Oslo time)
Platform: Microsoft Teams

Please register via the link.

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