CMS Rebuilding Ukraine: People [member event, in Ukrainian]

  • Zoom, online
  • 27.04.2023

CMS Rebuilding Ukraine: People

Organisational culture: “To be, or not to be” in times of chaos, paradox and permanent uncertainty”

Our member law firm CMS Cameron Mckenna Nabarro Olswang is continuing a series of free webinars as part of the initiative CMS Rebuilding Ukraine: People.

The team has chosen the issue of organisational culture as the second topic for discussion since as long as any organisation or team exists, it has an organisational culture, despite the circumstances associated with the greatest crisis or even war.

Culture always remains in people’s memory, even when the company ceases to exist. People will bring the habits and behaviours that they have developed at their previous workplace with them to the new environment. It would be a mistake to believe that it is not the right time to work with culture, to focus on its important components (even in the time of war, constant stress, lack of resources and inability to plan life).

Therefore, we invite you all to a conversation about organisational culture as an invisible lever of influence and support for the development of business, ourselves and the country with our regular guest expert Oksana Semeniuk, where we will discuss the following:

  • Organisational culture in the Fortune 500: what does a new study using artificial intelligence tools, expert opinions and big data from inside companies tell us?
  • Components and tools for working with culture: what’s new?
  • What role does company culture play during the war in Ukraine? What does the world of international companies take from us to change their culture?

Top managers of CMS Cameron Mckenna Nabarro Olswang — Olga Belyakova and Tatiana Bugasova — will share the main levers of our company’s culture that played a key role in maintaining team integrity, effective communication and uninterrupted work processes during the war.

The working language of the webinars is Ukrainian.

The webinar will not be recorded.

Date27 April 2023
Time10:00 (Kyiv time)
Format: online (Zoom)

Participation in the event is free of charge subject to pre-registration via the link below.

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