March 2, 2022

NUCC Fundraising


The Norwegian-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce helps provide quick and practical support on the ground in Ukraine.
We are using our extensive network in Ukraine to help as efficiently as possible within:


Humanitarian aid

Short-term objective to save lives and alleviate suffering with non-lethal aid.


Example: Support delivery of food, medicines, and supplies to hospitals, soldiers and orphanages, and similar vulnerable institutions.

Medical and mental health

Provide essential support to vulnerable people affected by the crisis. 


Example: Direct support to hospitals, orphanages, and similar vulnerable institutions.


Long-term initiative to ensure economic activity, securing employment, value creation, and maintaining human dignity. 


Example: If we see that there are sufficient funds to cover immediate humanitarian needs, we want to use the remaining funds for long-term support restoring the Ukrainian economic activity after the acts of war.

NUCC will support efforts to ensure that there are jobs for people to return to, securing employment and income.



Initiatives already supported by the fund:


is a charitable foundation founded by Iuliia Isai in 2016 in the city of Sumy in the northeastern region of Ukraine. It is a city that has been heavily affected by the war. The goal of the foundation has been to help children with cancer. After the war broke out, the children were relocated away from Sumy. As of today, the foundation works to help local people, the local defense (територіальна оборона), and local hospitals. The foundation has recently received a request for help from the local children’s hospital in Sumy. It is first and foremost medical equipment and medicine they want to spend money on.

You can follow them here:



👉Tschudi Logistics Holding and the Norwegian consulate in Odesa

are working to deliver a shipment of food, medicines, and hygiene products to children with autism in the southern regions of Ukraine. NUCC member Tschudi Logistics Holding in Oslo arranges logistics. Norway’s consul in Odesa, Oleg Fomichov with the team in Tschudi Ship Management Ukraine, works to distribute the goods on the ground.

The goods will be purchased in the EU and shipped to Odesa, Kherson, Mykolaiv, and other.


👉Egersund Ukraine

a Ukrainian company co-owned by NUCC member Pelagia with seafood shops, restaurants, and kitchens in Kyiv and Lviv that are now delivering free of charge food to soldiers, and hospital orphanages. As food is starting to run low, efforts are now underway to send food to Ukraine from border countries and Norway.

You can follow their efforts on their Facebook page, google business page, Instagram, as well as on their Telegram channel

The Egersund team prepares and delivers food to those who desperately need it 💙💛


👉Ukrainahjelpen Karmøy

a Norwegian charity organization with local Ukrainian staff that has been working in Ukraine since 1994. They utilize a large network in Ukraine and are currently helping refugees in Oshgorod that are arriving in large numbers helping them to cross borders to Slovakia, Hungary, and Romania. In addition, they are now sending humanitarian aid to Kyiv where they have staff that distributes aid supplies.

You can follow their efforts on their Facebook page.


The Ukrainahjelpen team provides food, clothing, lodging, etc. to refugees in Poljana (Svaljava), as well as distributes food in Kyiv 💙💛


👉Help Ukraine

humanitarian and medical aid to Ukraine. A joint initiative of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Rozetka, Fozzy Group, TIS, Dragon Capital, Novaya Pochta, Spunbond fund, and RZTK for our international partners to provide humanitarian and medical aid to Ukraine. Help Ukraine has launched a Warehouse Distribution Center in Poland to organize the delivery of goods.

It is deemed very important to help support the distribution of aid on the border



a Ukrainian fund set up in 2014 to help victims of Russian aggression in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, as well as Crimea. With their experience in conflict zones, they are today actively working to purchase medicines and medical equipment for military doctors and hospitals that treat people wounded in the war zone.

Charitable Foundation of Svoy (




ℹ️ To read more about the guidelines for the ad hoc fundraising established by NUCC in support of Ukraine, please click here.

ℹ️ To read the full report for June 2022, please click here.



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