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Norwegian and Ukrainian markets

We believe there are many opportunities for increased cooperation between Norway and Ukraine within many areas. We are working to increase commercial relations between Norway and Ukraine in order to promote our member’s business interests in the two countries.

Besides low prices, good service and the opportunity to get there quickly, Ukraine has also beautiful landscapes, incredible architecture, rich history and delicious food. It is becoming increasingly interesting for investment and business due to democratic and economic development, market reforms and European integration.

Norway is known for a well functioning economy, political stability, and position itself among the top countries in most international rankings, including in areas such as transparency, quality of life, GDP and economics. Norway is also a large exporter of seafood products to Ukraine, but there is a vast potential of increased trade and investments both ways in several sectors. Among the most promising are seafood, ICT/IT, energy, shipbuilding, agriculture, tourism, R&D and retail.

We are aware that there are challenges of doing business in both Ukraine and Norway and to our experience these challenges are resolvable. We have put the solutions to some of them in the guides below.

Our board and partners are very competent, as well as we have key contacts in many sectors, so we are able to assist our members if they need help and guidance. NUCC is also a platform for finding a trustworthy partner in both Ukraine and Norway through the Matchmaking Program.

We hope you find our work helpful, and wish your company great success when doing business in the beautiful country of Ukraine. Please do not hesitate to contact us.


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Guide to doing business in Norway

Guide to doing business in Ukraine

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