ICT is important for the trade between Norway and Ukraine. IT services constitute approximately 70% of service exports from Ukraine to Norway according to numbers from the State Statistics Service of Ukraine.  There is excess demand for ICT-specialists in Norway. According to ICT-Norway’s competence survey lack of right ICT-competence is the main barrier to growth. 38% of the companies report that they have vacant positions. The demand is only expected to increase with the digitalization of the Norwegian economy.

The Ukrainian IT-industry can help bridge this gap. Ukraine has is a popular ICT-destination internationally, in particular in the US, but also EU countries, like the UK or Denmark. The country is on Gartner’s list over top 30 ICT- and outsourcing destinations.

Many Norwegian companies have already discovered opportunities in the Ukrainian IT sector. The main reasons are access to talents and the favorable price/quality ratio. Ukraine has one of Central and Eastern Europe’s largest pool of IT-specialists.

NUCC helps Norwegian companies to find professional and reliable ICT-providers in Ukraine.

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