ICT is important for the trade between Norway and Ukraine. ICT constitutes 60% of service export from Ukraine to Norway according to numbers from State Statistics Service of Ukraine. The service export increased by more than 40% from 2015-2016.  There is excess demand for ICT-specialists in Norway. According to ICT-Norway’s recent competence survey lack of right ICT-competence is the main barrier to growth. 38% of the companies report that they have vacant positions. The demand is only expected to increase with the digitalization of the Norwegian economy.

The Ukrainian IT-industry can help bridge this gap. Ukraine has is a popular ICT-destination internationally, in particular in the US, but also EU countries, like the UK or Denmark. The country is on Gartner’s list over top 30 ICT- and outsourcing destinations. In 2017 Ukraine was nominated as the Offshoring destination of the year of the Global Sourcing Association in the UK.

Many Norwegian companies are taking advantages of the many IT-talents in Ukraine. The main reasons are access to talents and the favorable price/quality ratio. Ukraine has one of Central and Eastern Europe’s largest pool of IT-specialists. The number was over 120 000 in 2017 and it’s growing fast.

NUCC helps Norwegian companies to find professional and reliable ICT-providers in Ukraine.

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