EDB ErgoGroup premises in Oslo

  • Oslo, Norway
  • 19.01.2012
  • 11:00

Meeting has been attended by 45 participants. Among companies represented at the event were: Embassy of Ukraine in the Kingdom of Norway, Ministry of Trade and Industry of Norway, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway, companies working in energy sector in Norway, IT and Innovations, law companies from Ukraine and Norway, etc.

Sigmund Ekhougen, NUCC’s Manager opened the meeting by presenting the agenda.

Anniken Mordal – Assistant Director General, Norwegian Ministry of Trade and Industry, outlined main points of the new Free Trade Agreement between Ukraine and EFTA.

Christen Mordal – NUCC’s Board Member, Director at “CA Mordal Consulting”, elaborated on how this agreement can open new business opportunities.

Borys Danevych  – Law firm “Paritet” took the floor and presented Energy sector in Ukraine: possibilities for Norwegian business.

Further topics on Energy sector in Norway was presented by:

Sergei Faschevsky  – Norsk Energi

“Investment Viability for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Projects in Ukraine”

Knut Korsell – Logica Norge

“Logica & Energy Business”

Helge Ranvik – Scandinavian House (SC) outlined scope of activities of the SH in Ukraine.

Meeting was finished by presentation of Oksana Chorna from EDB ErgoGroup, Ukraine on CSR project “Corporate Social Responsibility program to develop cultural understanding and local social engagement”.

NUCC expresses sincere gratitude to our member EDB ErgoGroup for organizing the event and presenting their premises to our disposal.