July 31, 2023

30 Years of SoftServe: Making People Thrive

Our member IT company SoftServe celebrates its 30th Anniversary this year, and we would like to send our warmest wishes for such an occasion! The company’s growth from a small team consisting of 3 Ph.D. students in 1993 to over 12,000 SoftServians who are spread across 33 countries today has been driven by enduring principles, values, and an unwavering mission – for the future.

SoftServe cherishes the loyalty and dedication of people. Currently, there are 791 SoftServians who have been with the company for more than ten years.

The NPS score of 84 demonstrates the commitment and care SoftServe delivers to every client relationship. 43 clients have been with SoftServe for over a decade. The longest-lasting partnership is now over 25 years long. The clients trust SoftServe with their 7,751 projects, and the company delivers solutions to bring clients closer to success.

The 30th anniversary is the perfect time to reflect on SoftServe’s journey and share the vision for the future. Investment in the future is an investment in the company`s roots. SoftServe has donated $1,200,000 to get 100 fully equipped ambulances to save lives and drive Ukraine’s victory. These vehicles will be deployed to the most critical areas on the frontlines, where urgent medical assistance is required.

To learn more about SoftServe and its journey, follow this link and watch the video below:

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