February 22, 2024

Young Entrepreneurs 2024: 5 tips for a successful application

Over the years, the NUCC Young Entrepreneurs program has become a popular entrepreneurship program. So, if you want to get in, you must stand out.

But how can you make a successful application? This article will provide you with some tips on how to get selected.

Don’t think about the competition

Creating a good application is always tricky. The pressure is there, especially when you know you are competing with many other good candidates. That’s how I felt, at least when I applied for YE2018 six years ago.

I was lucky enough to get in then and ended up on the other side of the process. In 2019 and 2022, I helped organise YE, and I will do so again this year.

I believe that there is no perfect candidate. All participants will be divided into groups consisting of people with various academic and professional backgrounds. This means that no matter your competence, you have a chance to participate. You might not have a stunning business idea or much expertise from a specific sector, but maybe you have a skill needed right here and now. You need to be able to show that.

Here are some tips for you to consider when applying for YE2024:

1. Show your interest in entrepreneurship

This is the part where you talk about your motivation.

How did you become interested in entrepreneurship? Does thinking about business make you forget to drink coffee? How would you use the knowledge you gain during the program in the future?

Find some ways to show that you are ready to dive head-on into a start-up.

2. Mention your active business idea or competence from a specified sector

Make sure to demonstrate what you can bring into the program.

If selected, how will your group benefit from having you as a groupmate? Is it your network in a specific sector or a special skill? Maybe your product? Perhaps you have a business plan but have never had a chance to test it?

Find something unique about you that is relevant to business.

3. Demonstrate your English skills

Excellent understanding of the English language is a must in this program. Have you taken any English language tests or completed a course? Let us know! Also, your application will be in English, so make sure to practice before submitting.

4. Prove you have great presentation skills

With this year’s video application, you can use creative techniques to demonstrate your skills. Again, practice before you submit 🙂

5. Have a solid understanding of business processes in Ukraine or/and Norway

It’s not a must to have a good knowledge of the business processes or climate in Ukraine/Norway to get into YE2024. However, it could be to your advantage.

We spend a lot of time learning the basics. If you already have the basics in place, you and your team can use the time to work on the business case. Therefore, if you understand the Ukrainian or Norwegian business environment or, for instance, how business cultures in the two countries are different – let us know in the video.

Of course, it always helps to be creative. Remember that the Admission Committee needs to go through hundreds of applications. Creativity makes sure they notice yours 🙂

Anastasia Antonyk,
Project Manager at NUCC

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