February 8, 2024

Hire a Ukrainian!

Since the outbreak of the full-scale war in Ukraine, Norway has become the temporary home to more than 70,000 Ukrainian refugees. But this is also a skilled, educated and talented workforce that could become valuable resources to your company. 

Most Ukrainians in the age group between 18 and 55 years have now finished their “Introduction Program”. They have studied the Norwegian language and obtained insight into Norwegian social conditions and culture to be prepared for work or education. 

To become resourceful members of our society, Ukrainians need your help to enter our job market. There are several ways to go ahead and contribute, so we’ve spoken with NAV and will present some of the alternatives here:

  • Temporary Salary Supplements
    Temporary wage subsidy/supplement is a scheme where NAV covers part of an employee’s salary for a period of time. As an employer, you employ the candidate in a regular full- or part-time position with a regular salary, but receive a subsidy to the salary paid by NAV. 

The goal is to help people obtain or keep a permanent job. 

  • Mentor grants
    Mentor grant is a scheme where an employee is “bought out” to provide help and guidance to personnel at the workplace. This is an opportunity for the employer to focus on providing the new employee with necessary skills within the company. 

The subsidy is usually given in combination with other schemes, such as wage subsidies or job training. 

  • Job training/practice
    Job training is a scheme that gives people the opportunity to gain relevant experience and eventually the opportunity for a permanent job. 

Many businesses find that it is valuable to help someone into work-life. It’s often positive for the work environment and has a positive effect on the company’s reputation. Many participants also end up getting permanent jobs, proving themselves valuable to the company. 

The employer does not pay for the participant itself. 

  • Simply hire a Ukrainian
    This is our favorite scheme. It means that you offer a position to a Ukrainian and make use of their skills and talents, and at the same time contributes to including them as a part of your team, but also a part of our society.  

Ukrainians are in general highly educated and currently looking for jobs. Please contact your local NAV office to understand more on how you can take part and help your business thrive together with our fellow Europeans. NAV will also help you find the right candidate for your company! 

Andreas Løvstad Tranøy
Project Manager in NUCC

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