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December 1, 2022

Getting invested is the best way to support

Earlier this month, NUCC attended the the 6th Annual Ukrainian Investment Roadshow in London, arranged by Strategy Council. The headline was “It’s too early to invest in Ukraine – Don’t be the one who will regret that thought.” 

NUCC is not blind to the situation which has enfolded upon Ukraine. We understand the risks and we understand the worries. Ukrainians understands that as well, and so did everyone at the seminar. But where we have choices to be made, Ukraine has not. They must do whatever it takes to keep afloat during these extremely difficult times. “There were missiles yesterday, there are missiles today, and there might be missiles tomorrow.”

However, this does not mean that it is too early to invest. As a matter of fact, investing in Ukraine now does not necessarily mean to dive in with risk capital, it means to “get invested”.

Getting invested:

At the seminar we spoke with amongst others EBRD, UkraineInvest, the World Bank and several private equity firms. The whole sphere of IFI were there – they are already “invested”. What it means, is that they are already talking about how to rebuild Ukraine and how to onboard the private sector. After all, Ukraine is becoming “the world’s biggest construction project”. Would you miss out on that?

Since the beginning of the war, NUCC has advocated for Norwegian companies to keep their contracts with Ukrainian companies and try their best to create new ones. We are glad to announce that this has not been in vain. In fact, the Ukrainian IT sector as an example, has delivered nearly 100% on their contracts, which in turn led to an annual growth of 13%, despite the war!

Furthermore, we have facilitated meetings and point of contacts between Norwegian companies and Ukrainian furniture producers, metal producers, fire-wood producers and more. The Ukrainian people has showed their ambitions through their resilience and delivered well over par. It would be a minimum to expect the same from us.

Ukraine is still open for business – it is about finding partners

With this in mind, we would like to invite you to also get invested. A first step would be to mark the 24th of January 2023 in your calendar, as we are planning an event at that date in Oslo, focusing on ReBuilding and ReCovering Ukraine. We aim to provide you with a broader picture on the current situation, future outlooks and share with you how you can take part in rebuilding the country.

PS: NUCC will also be attending the Ukrainian Infrastructure Forum in London this Friday, December 2nd, arranged by Strategy Council. If you are there – let’s meet up! If not, see you in Oslo 24th of January next year. We will share all our updated knowledge with you.

Photo in the header borrowed from #AdvantageUkraine.

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