July 30, 2020

Hustad & Granaas is hiring!

Our member, Hustad & Granaas – Advisors to the Energy Industry – is looking to fill three vacancies in their team based out of Oslo or Stavanger: Project Services Manager, Construction Manager and Environmental and Social Manager.

They’re encouraging Ukrainian professionals with experience within the energy sector to apply, as the Ukrainian energy market has some relevance for the positions.

Read more about the positions and apply here:

Project Services Manager

Construction Manager

Environmental and Social Manager
(NB: the application for the Environmental and Social Manager expires already on July 31st)

About Hustad & Granaas:

Hustad & Granaas is a fully independent advisory and project development firm established by Per-Olaf Hustad and Bernt Granås in August 2016. They have long experience of oil and gas projects offering various value-adding services for capital projects within renewables.

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