June 18, 2020

Our Member - DevCom Consulting LLC Is Turning 20 in 2020!

NUCC member – DevCom, full-service software engineering firm, with headquarters in Ukraine, Lviv, and in the USA, Florida, and which serves customers globally, celebrates its 20th anniversary this year.

During the last two decades, the IT industry has addressed considerable challenges and achieved many firsts. Throughout that time, DevCom has been at the forefront of technology innovations affecting the sector.

In Summer 2000, DevCom IT company was founded by a group of Lviv Ivan Franko National University graduates and scientists. The company started its journey from the desktop application development for veterinary practice management (the USA). Another initial project was for a big US company, leader of installers of building products. Over the past 20 years, DevCom has developed some great projects across various industries – eCommerce and retail, logistics and transportation, healthcare, fintech, entertainment, nonprofits, others.

The company is led by the original founding executives and has maintained its privately-held ownership throughout its history. This has allowed DevCom to control key strategic and business decisions that have ensured a consistent focus on meeting the specific business needs of its customers.

Top success indicators of the DevCom company:

⇒ 20 years of IT outsourcing experience;

⇒ 2-19 years relationships with key Customers;

⇒ 95% of the clients are ready to recommend DevCom to others and repurchase;

⇒ 100+ skilled software engineers;

⇒ 45% of employees work with DevCom for 7-20 years;

Headquartered in Ukraine (Lviv) and the United States (FL).

Commenting on the anniversary, DevCom’s Vice President of Operations Ihor Kruzhylko, who work at the company for the last 20 years, said: “The number of years in the software development business is something to be incredibly proud of for DevCom. We are proud when a combination of new technologies, commitment, team’s knowledge, and business ideas of our clients results in functional business solutions with a global reach. It’s what fuels our drive.

At DevCom, we foster a culture of quality through a rigorous process, team responsibility that can comfortably commit to exactly what it can deliver.

For us, genuine success means having a more predictable process, happier customers, and technical excellence – it is above all else. And delivering the best possible quality of software means more than concentrating solely on company growth.”


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