October 28, 2020

Our new member LEOPOLIS MED is ready to greet you in Ukraine when the travel restrictions are lifted!

We all are waiting for this COVID-19 story to be over, for borders to open and travels to come back to normal. However, now as never before we can stop and look around us to be able to map our options, structure our plans, and discover new opportunities. When the travel restrictions are lifted, our new Ukrainian member LEOPOLIS MED is ready to host and greet you in Lviv – a great destination for medical tourism.

Ukraine is located at the heart of Europe and is an attractive developing destination for thousands of travelers. The country has a rich nature, welcoming people, ancient history, and affordable prices for everything. So if you’re planning a trip to the country, think about these high-quality yet inexpensive wellness spots to visit and relax your body and soul. Traveling is a real opportunity to distract from everyday life, gain strength and inspiration.

When choosing a tourist route, you should think not only about the soul, but also about the body that needs healing. Especially since today in Ukraine is gaining more and more popular so-called medical tourism – recreation for treatment. By the way, the Lviv region is one of the leading places in the number of medical and health resources. Foreigners come to Lviv to receive medical services. First of all, they are interested in quality dental services, which can be obtained much cheaper in Ukraine. Today couples who cannot have children come to Lviv for treatment. We have clinics that can help them. Aesthetic clinics that Leopolis Med cooperate with will give you a 100% of privacy and excellent results.

Leopolis Med provides excellent medical treatments IN THE BEST CLINICS WITH the latest technology and techniques at extremely affordable rates. For the fraction of the price that you would pay for the same treatment in other countries, or even your home country, we maintain a high standard of service delivering the best results. OUR TRAVEL PROFESSIONALS MAKE YOUR STAY COMFORTABLE AND SAVE.


  • free consultation
  • affordable packages
  • transfers
  • travel arrangement
  • accommodation
  • airport pickup and drop
  • sightseeing
  • telemedicine
  • translation services
  • medical tourism packages


  • women health
  • dentistry
  • rehabilitation
  • heart surgery
  • aesthetic medicine
  • cosmetology & dermatology
  • spa and wellness in the Carpathian mountains

SPA hotels in mountains

Modern City with a unique history
More than 10 Innovative and professional clinics
More than 100 High-Quality inexpensive medical treatments
The Old town in Lviv was named a UNESCO world heritage
Lviv region is situated in the Carpathian Mountains
More than 50 Spa and Wellness centers
More than 200 therapeutic springs of mineral waters

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