December 7, 2023

The Charge Changemaker Program

The Charge Changemaker Program is a startup incubator for immigrants who are passionate about growing their idea into a successful business in Norway.

This is a free 4-month programme that provides:

  • A bigger network
  • Better business knowledge
  • Confidence in yourself as a founder
  • A feeling of belonging in a community

Criteria for participation in the programme

We don’t have any industry specific focus, but we are looking for talented founders who recognize themselves in one of these situations:

• You are looking for new ways of creating a livelihood through starting your own business

• You are in the idea stage or have started your company less than 2 years ago

• You live in Oslo or Viken

• Struggle to find relevant jobs in Norway

• Or you find it hard to access relevant networks and the Norwegian startup ecosystem

• We do not select based industry specific focus areas, but we appreciate projects that has a tech component and/or sustainability focus

• We also accept livelihood entrepreneurs and/ or consultancy based businesses

Accepted participants is expected to attend at least 80% of all sessions. We expect you to be active in the sessions and that work on your project throughout the program.

📍The programme will start in June 2024. Registration has already begun, so now is the time to act!

➡️ Follow the link and sign up now


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