April 11, 2022

Throwback to our event: Work in Norway - The Basics for Ukrainians

It was our great pleasure to present to you Work in Norway: the basics for Ukrainians on April 4-5.

This event was a combination of practical and theoretical lectures on topics relating to entering the Norwegian work market. We went through topics such as Norwegian work culture, how to write CV´s and application letters, as well as topics within rights and responsibilities for employees in the Norwegian workplace. The program also included a networking event on the 5th where our participants got talk directly with representatives of Norwegian companies and organizations!


April 4th


We begin our day at StartUp Campus where we welcome our Ukrainian participants!



It was our honor to have Karin Ellis at Ellis Culture start the event with her very engaging presentation on Working with Norwegians and How to write Norwegian job applications. Karin taught our participants the codes of conduct and unwritten rules of the Norwegian culture in order to achieve improved communication and co-operation in Norway! Her 30 years of work experience from international environments – such as in Ukraine – has left our participants with practical insight of what is expected in Norway – both in a business and social setting.

Karin has lived and worked in several countries and participated in many international change management projects where she worked closely with people around the world. She has written a number of books about the norwegian workplace, such as “Working with Norwegians”, “Applying for jobs in Norway” and “Flerkulturelle arbeidsplasser: En praktisk veiledning” (Norwegian Bokmål Edition).





April 5th


Day 2 of our event begins at the same spot – StartUp Campus, with Karin Ellis back to delve deep into the realm of Norwegian job interviews! Today we went through the entire application processes, and Karin explained in detail what Norwegian employers expect and emphasize. Many participants raised their hand and asked great questions which created a great atmosphere at the Campus.


Our next guests were from NAV, and we welcomed June Bull (Section manager service and training in KS Oslo Vest-Viken), Esi Hewton (Subject manager work related benefits) and Lars Döpker (Subject manager health related benefits).


Their presentation was about the rights and responsibilities in the Norwegian workplace. They went into depth about the Norwegian Welfare State and what to apply where. Our participants greatly valued NAVs´presence and their ability to answer most of the questions asked! We thank them for coming!






Finishing at 3pm, our participants had an hour of break to mingle with others and to get some coffee before our special networking event started at 4pm.



We started our networking with a special guest, Julien S. Bourrelle, author of The Social Guidebook to Norway: An Illustrated Introduction. Julien is a Canadian rocket scientist specialized in astrodynamic engineering. He studied and lived in a variety of countries where he adapted his lifestyle to the local cultural norms and rituals. ​


Moving to Norway in 2009 has been the most challenging cultural experiences of his life and the starting point of an unexpected career. Julien travels the world lecturing about cultural differences that affects the way we communicate and interact at work and in society. His lectures help organizations benefit better from diversity. Julien is also the author of three books on the Scandinavian cultures.

Every participant left with a signed copy of his recent book!


Lastly, we have also invited Adecco Norway to present their company and services within recruitment, as well as other companies/organizations that can be useful to have contact with in Norway.


Thank you to everyone who participated and a big thank you to our special guests!

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