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December 2, 2019

Tips to Successful Collaboration with Norwegian Companies

This article is written by our member Computools.

The best way to engage Norwegian companies is to provide cases on similar projects and references. They expect to receive excellent recommendations from the previous partners. What is noteworthy is that a recommendation from a domestic brand is valued more than from an international one. For example, one of our potential customers was not impressed by the big world brands mentioned in our portfolio, while our cooperation with a popular Norwegian company was a great value.

This has a flip side: Norwegian partners are willing to share their contacts for giving references to other potential partners upon request. Thus, we received several positive ratings from the previous customers and started new partnerships thanks to this.

Another distinguishing feature of working with Norwegian companies is friendly communication on an equal footing. This allows reaching an agreement on the project in a quick and easy manner. Friendly discussion is typical for the Norwegian working climate and allows for successful project development. Norwegians prefer planning the scope of work without specifying how it should be performed. An interactive approach based on agreed requirements and wishes helps to get a detailed feedback and clearly formulated tasks for IT engineers.

Project documentation is not a strong point of Norwegian partners because a lot of things are discussed during meetings or video conferences. These companies are not afraid of profound changes and corrections if this significantly improves the finished product. They are always open for practical proposals.

For long-term cooperation with partners from Norway, it is necessary to fulfill just a few simple conditions: maintain contact during the project and provide updates; comply with the agreed deadlines; and perform all work at a high level. The Computools experience shows that these terms are enough to acquire a regular customer and references for future partners.

Computools takes pride in the cooperation with Norwegian partners on a one-time and long-time basis. We are always open to collaboration with new partners and keen on developing innovative digital solutions for any purpose.

Computools LLC is a global innovative software solutions provider for the Consumer Services, Retailing, Financials, Health Care industries. The main Computools LLC work principle is the constant pursuit of excellence. Cooperation with Norwegian companies was no exception. Successfully completed projects have become the foundation for further fruitful cooperation.

Read more about Computools collaboration with Norwegian companies here.

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